valentine pillar candle display

Last week was busier than expected; my husband caught my cold, and Winter Storm Nemo paid us a visit. Thus, this post is a bit delayed.

Following suit with my other seasonal candle displays (fall & Christmas), I dressed up my mantle with a Valentine's Day version. I pulled out my red, white, and purple pillar candles, and I used some extra scrapbook paper from my card-making extravaganza to decorate the vases. A pink pillar candle would've been nice, but I couldn't find a cheap one. Nonetheless, these candles are super easy and festive!

What you'll need:

glass vase
6" pillar candle
coordinating scrapbook paper and embellishments
double-stick tape

Valentine's Day decor in (almost) 3 easy steps!

Step 1: Place the pillar candle in the vase.

Step 2: Cut the scrapbook paper and/or embellishments to size.

Step 3: Tape the paper to the vase.

Step 4: Admire your work! (Repeat for the other vases.)

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