knitted christmas stocking

My grandmother and great aunts have knit the same Christmas stocking for all of their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. My grandmother has since retired from knitting, and I wanted to continue the tradition with one for my husband.

The pattern is a modified version of a pattern published by The American Thread Company in Star Christmas Book, No. 83 in 1951.

I've knitted a sock (yes, only one) before, but I couldn't quite remember how to turn the heel. I referenced a YouTube playlist by Very Pink Knits to jog my memory. The seven-part video series shows all the steps necessary to make their Christmas stocking pattern (which is really cute too), but is applicable to making any sock or stocking.

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  1. Hi, thanks for posting this. However, when I look at the pattern on the link, I don't see how to knit the children on the cuff. My mom made these stockings for me and my siblings back in the late 50's. I've since passed mine on to my son, who would now like one for his wife and children. Do you have the part for the children on the cuff?

    1. Hi,

      I used a photocopy of my grandmother's pattern from the original publication. I'm sure the electronic publication includes the chart. Alternatively, since you already have a stocking made with this pattern, you should be able to look at the cuff and reproduce a chart. I referred to my stocking countless times as a comparison. I hope this helps!



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