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My summer season was a little off this year. Instead of running Memorial Day to Labor Day, it felt like it was between the Fourth of July and Columbus Day. That's mostly due to the fact that I spent most of June moving 1,000 miles. It's also my first year out of school, so I didn't get the usual back to school kick into fall. Therefore, I only started thinking about fall last week. I thought I should whip up a couple of fall decorations to greet my in-laws to our new home.

I've seen dozens of fall wreaths at various link parties and on Pinterest, but Hailey's Monogrammed Burlap Wreath at The Morris Mojo is by far my favorite. I combined it with a Yarn Wrapped Monogram based on Evie S.'s tutorial.

What you'll need:

18" grapevine wreath
printer paper
cardboard - A cereal box is sufficient.
yarn - I used an inexpensive, worsted-weight, acrylic yarn.
hot glue gun with glue sticks
burlap - I bought 1/4 yard for another project, and I used about half to 2/3 of what I originally bought.
floral wire - I had stronger steel wire in my toolbox for another project. While not as flexible as I desired, it did the job.
wire cutters
hemp (optional)
rubber band

Make the yarn-wrapped monogram.

Step 1: Print out your desired monogram letter, and cut it out. I used Arial bolded at size 600.

Step 2: Using the printed letter as a stencil, trace the monogram onto the cardboard, and cut it out.

Step 3: If your letter has interior cut outs, you might want to roll the yarn into smaller balls to fit in the small holes.

Step 4: Glue the end of the yarn to the back of the cardboard monogram. Neatly wrap the yarn around the cardboard letter until it is fully covered. Dab glue where necessary (especially at the corners and such) to keep the yarn in place.

Step 5: When finished wrapping your letter, take the end of the yarn, and glue it to the back of your monogram.

Make the burlap rosettes.

Step 6: Cut a 1.5-2" wide strip of burlap. The length should be 24"+ long, but largely depends on the desired diameter of the rosette.

How to easily cut burlap:
Take a strand parallel to the cut, and gently pull it out of the weave. This will leave a gap in the burlap that creates a visible, straight cutting line.

Step 7: At one end of the burlap strip, fold it in half lengthwise. Start to wrap it into a circular flower shape, holding it in place with a dab of glue.

Step 8: Twist the folded burlap strip as you continue wrapping it around the center. Hold it in place with dabs of glue. I found that gluing is easiest if you hold the excess burlap strip upwards out of the way, and bring the glue gun in underneath the strip. Bringing the glue gun in and under instead of up and over avoids getting clingy glue strings stuck to the burlap.

Step 9: When you get to the end of the burlap strip, glue it to the back of the rosette.

Step 10: Repeat until you have the desired number of rosettes. Odd numbers tend to look more aesthetically pleasing.

Attach the decorations to the wreath.

Step 11: Arrange the monogram letter and rosettes on your wreath.

Step 12: Take the wire, and cut a length about 6" long.

Step 13: Thread the wire through the back of the monogram under several strands of yarn in each place that makes contact with the wreath.

Step 14: Thread the ends of the wire through the vines of the wreath, and twist the ends of the wire together.

Step 15: Repeat for all of the other decorations.

Make the wreath hanger.

Step 16: Cut 10 strands of twine and 6 strands of hemp, each about 3' in length. Divide the string into 2 equal groups of 5 strands of twine and 3 strands of hemp. I also added a braided length of yarn to one of the groups.

Step 17: Tie a square knot in the middle of the two bundles of string.

Step 18: Position the square knot at the top of the wreath. Wrap the ends of the four bundles around the wreath framing the knot.

Step 19: Gather the ends of the strings at the back of the wreath, and bind them together with the rubber band like you're making a ponytail.

Step 20: Tie back the string ponytail with a strand of wire.

Step 21: Take a length of wire about 6" in length. Bend each end to hook around the vines in the back of the wreath to create a hanger.

Step 22: Hang your wreath, and admire your work!

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  1. Adorable wreath! Love the quick tutorial on how to cut burlap...I always make such a mess!

    Thanks for joining the fun at Keep Calm and Link Up! Make sure to come back next Friday to see if you were featured!

    Barbara at Chase the Star
    chasethestar dot net

    1. Thanks, Barbara! I always make a mess with burlap too; any burlap project requires a good vacuuming afterwards.

  2. What a lovely wreath. Simple and wholesome. Love it.

    Thank you for linking it up at the HALLOWEEN LINKY PARTY at http://www.finecraftguild.com/halloween-linky-party/, which will stay open till Halloween. Meanwhile a new 'general craft / DIY / home decorating' party will open later today.

  3. Great tutorial. Thanks for all the step by step photos!


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