organize your measuring tools - create a measuring arsenal

My husband wasn't happy with where I was storing our measuring tools. I wasn't happy either. With the inspiration of Infarrently Creative, I came up with a solution.

What you'll need:

Measuring tool hooks:
small wire 3M command hooks and adhesive strips
Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (optional)
label maker and label tape

Cooking cheat sheet:
cooking cheat sheet
paper cutter
coordinating card stock
double stick tape
poster mounting squares

Mount the hooks:

Step 1: Determine where you'll hang your measuring tools; consider the clearance between the cabinet shelves. Measure and lightly mark a guide line for your hooks.

Step 2: Determine the hook spacing along the marked guide line; consider the width of your measuring tools. For my measuring cups, I spaced the hooks according to their widths. For the spoons, I used equal intervals. Measure and lightly mark where each hook will be placed.

Step 3: Use the Magic Eraser to wipe away the guidelines, leaving behind only the marks for each hook.

Step 4: Mount the hooks per the manufacturer's directions.

Step 5: Make a label for each of your measuring tool. I chose to use a label maker, because that was the easiest, yet still removable, way to label the hooks.

Step 6: Adhere the labels to the cabinet above the hooks. If you're super ocd like me, you can make guidelines for this part too.

Mount the cheat sheet:

Step 7: Download and print the cooking cheat sheet.

Step 8: Using the paper cutter, measure and trim the chart.

Step 9: Attach the chart to the cardstock using the double stick tape. Trim the cardstock

Step 10: Mount the chart to the cabinet door with the poster squares per the manufacturer's directions. I also measured and marked guidelines for this step.

Step 11: Admire your work!

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