birthday balloon wreath

It was my husband's birthday this week! I made this festive birthday balloon wreath from Our Best Bites to celebrate. I spent about $20 on this project.

What you'll need:

foam wreath - Mine was 14" and cost about $5.
200+ balloons - I priced these out, and it was cheapest to buy 8 packages of 25 at the dollar store.
200+ floral pins - I bought 4 boxes of 50 for $2 each. After a 25% off coupon, I spent $6 total.
ribbon (optional) - I didn't use any.

The festive part:

Step 1: Take a balloon and pin it to your wreath.

Step 2: Repeat about 199 more times.

Step 3: Insert a floral pin in the back of the wreath, so it's pointing upward. This way, when the wreath hangs, the weight of the wreath just pushes the pin further into it. Alternatively, you could attach a ribbon for hanging.

Step 4: Admire your work!

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