mossy monogram

I typically have a holiday-themed decoration on my front door. My mom has gently teased me on several occasions about my wreaths. Since there isn't a holiday around the corner, I thought a monogram decoration would be cute. I wanted something that would be personally fitting, perhaps nature inspired, and I remembered seeing this mossy monogram from momtastic on Pinterest this past spring. I followed the tutorial fairly closely and added some additional embellishment. A couple words of warning: I did not realize this project would be so messy; the moss shed everywhere. Additionally, my letter was a finished white, which shows through a bit. If this will bother you, use a brown paper mache letter or paint the letter dark green before you attach the moss.

What you'll need:

wooden or paper mache letter - mine was a 9" wooden letter
moss sheet - mine was the peel and stick variety
hot glue gun
twine/jute and/or hemp

The messy part:

Step 1: Flip your letter over (so it's backwards) and trace it on the back of the moss sheet. Cut it out.

Step 2: Measure the thickness of your letter (mine was 1/2"). Cut strips of moss for the sides of your letter - the width of your strips should be the same thickness as your letter.

Step 3: Take the strips of moss and start to peel off the backing. Adhere it to the sides of you letter in short segments. I glued mine for extra measure. I able to take some of the moss sheddings and stick them back on with the help of the extra glue.

Step 4: Adhere the moss to the front of the letter. I covered up some of the bare spots on the edges with some glue and moss sheddings.

Step 5: Cut two strips of burlap, one thinner than the other; and wrap them around your letter. Secure it by tying a combination of twine and hemp in a bow.

Step 6: To create the hanger, knot the ends of a piece of twine and glue them to the back of your letter.

Step 7: Admire your work!

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