diy recycling bin - trash bin goes green

Since my recycling is usually overflowing long before my trash is full, I wanted a somewhat substantially-sized recycling bin. The bins sold for recycling are usually blue and bulky - a color and size that wasn't going to work in my kitchen. I decided to buy a trash bin and customize it with a recycling symbol instead. Theoretically, I could have just bought the bin, designated it for recycling, and called it a day. However, guests often miss the concept of the recycling bin, and I end up fishing recyclables out of the trash after they leave.

Trash bin goes green:

Step 1: Do a quick Google image search to find a recycling symbol you like. Print it and cut it out to create a stencil. (Or you could just do it free-handed.)

Step 2: Trace your symbol onto the trash bin.

Step 3: Use acrylic paint to paint your symbol. It took me two coats to get the coverage I desired.

Step 4: Spray it with a sealant. I haven't done this yet, but I probably will soon since the paint scrapes off easier than I would like.
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